The Project

OxCardTM: Portable Device for quick prognosis of cardiovascular disease

OxCardTM is a project that aims to develop a portable device for quick prognosis of cardiovascular disease (CVD). The quick prognosis will allow the choice of the appropiate medical treatment in the first hours after the event, reducing the mortality and morbidity rate.

The need

17.5 million people die each year from CVDs, an estimated 31% of all deaths worldwide.

A stroke occurs when a vessel in the brain ruptures or is blocked by a blood clot. Stroke medical treatments work to either open the blockage or treat the rupture.

Immediate treatment may minimize the long-term effects of a stroke and prevent death. However, symptoms alone are not specific enough to distinguish ischemic from hemorrhagic stroke.

The solution

OxCardTM will be able to diagnose cardiovascular disease and distinguish it from other diseases similar to stroke.

OxCardTM will be able to stablish the difference between ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke in the first four hours after the onset of symptoms. This point is vital because the administered treatment in the case of hemorrhagic stroke is counterproductive to the treatment for ischemic stroke.

OxCardTM will provide useful information to assess the safety of fibrinolytic therapy (recommended only in ischemic stroke).

About us

Bioquochem (  is a spin-off of Oviedo University and born in 2015 in Oviedo-Asturias. Bioquochem has a important line of biochemical kits (  and equipment for direct measurement of several biomarkers (, which reduces analysis times , reduce costs and obtain repeatability and accuracy in measurements. BQC develop and manufacturing all our products.


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